Oct 4th, 2023 | Collective Impact through Needs & Strength Mapping

Community Food Security Session: Collective Impact through Needs & Strength Mapping

October 4th, 2023 | 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. PST (online) 

What is this event?

Join fellow food access program providers and key food actors from across the region to identify opportunities for collective impact through mapping our strengths. 

In the face of what our neighbouring communities just experienced through wildfire this summer (and remembering our experience from two years ago), and based on what we have heard about the community and organizational response (especially when it comes to food for fire evacuees) – it is clear that we are more effective and resilient when working in collaboration. This has us thinking about our community resilience, including how we prepare for, respond and rebuild when there is an emergency or disruption. 

And so this community food security session is designed to identify the strengths within the food system network. This may include what you are good at, or what you do best, but may also include the needs you are filling and the needs/gaps that you are experiencing. This session will help us to prepare and develop ideas for how to support each other and build greater resilience.

How will it work?

In roundtable style, participants will have the opportunity to share collective needs related to food security they have identified in their communities, as well as their organizations’ strengths or “assets” that could be pooled or leveraged to collectively assess and address these needs – now and during times of disruption. 

This exercise is helpful for Land to Table and the Regional Community Food Hub to identify funding, infrastructure, and partnership opportunities that can meet the needs of multiple organizations utilizing all of our strengths. It will also help L2T think about how we incorporate the role of building community resilience into our organizations function and structure.

Who Should Come?

L2T is a network that includes all people, organizations, businesses, and communities that are connected to our local food system (from growing to eating). While we encourage local agencies and organizations to join, who are providing food or meal programs/services to attend, we welcome perspectives from across the food system – including farmers, retailers, processors, chefs, government and consumers.

Why should you come?

We will use this meeting as a space to define specific topics for the next two sessions to cater these events to the community’s direct interests and needs. These meetings will also inform our work to search for solutions based on the asset/strengths and need mapping. 

Where do you sign up?

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