OKIB Sun Valley Ranch: Grasshopper Update

Our Land to Table Network is an incredible community of people helping each other share information, resources, and knowledge to support our local food system.

This summer, we shared that Okanagan Indian Band’s Sun Valley Ranch was struggling with a grasshopper infestation that was decimating their crops. We urgently asked the network if anyone had bug netting they could donate or sell to OKIB, and you responded!

Here is a big thanks to Mike Randell, Area C Director of the Regional District of the North Okanagan and president of OK Apiaries, who donated and delivered lots of shade cloth. And thank you to Kirk Hughes from Kootenay Covers Okanagan who also offered netting he had in stock and free delivery.

The food security folks at Sun Valley Ranch have not been able to access the farm recently due to the smoke and high fire hazard, but they reported that the crops were coming along and they are excited to get back onto the land when it is safe to do so. They have received a small grant for more bug netting and support hoops, and they are eager to continue planting soon.

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OKIB Sun Valley Ranch Update.