We think of our work as twofold: building a connected and coordinated network, through different events, workshops/training and consistent communications, while taking action through time bound, specific projects that have network/community support and energy behind them.

Some of our core activities include:

  • Convening meetings and forums to address and learn about our regional food system in relation to: the economy, the environment, and food access & security.
  • Developing and maintaining a communication system to share important and relevant information in a timely and transparent manner.
  • Hosting community events to build a collective commitment to change and create a vision that reflects the values of the community.
  • Developing common goals and a shared system for measuring the progress we want to see.
  • Supporting action teams and sector specific working groups to undertake specific priority actions.
  • Undertaking projects to, for example, grow the local food economy, including increasing local food procurement in local institutions.
  • Consulting with different sectors across the food chain, like Local Government, to create a regional picture of what matters most in food system and food security planning and development.


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2021-2022 Focus Areas

Building the Network

Foster Network Health

We continue to create and foster administrative, financial, and operational systems to ensure that the Network continues to adapt and grow over time.

Network Engagement & Development

We continue to develop relationships and engage the network through regular communications & storytelling, group meals, knowledge transfer and networking events, online conversations, peer to peer learning and resource sharing.

Strengthen and Support the Regional Food System Through Projects and Actions

The priority actions identified by the network inform the projects we undertake to build a local food system. Our approach is informed by the 5 pillars.

UBCO Local Food Procurement Pilot Project

To build relationships across a value chain (farm to institution) and trial an innovative model for local food procurement.

Vancouver Foundation

Explore value chain partner needs and systemic barriers that contribute to complexities of procurement from small farms to institutions.

Village of Lumby - Community Food System Engagement

To build a connected network in Lumby and create a community-based vision for their ALR land.

BX Farm Gate Tour

To trial a new agritourism opportunity that enables locals to “know their local farmers and explore the BX.”

Seniors Local Food Box Pilot Project

To collaborate with the Good Food Box to: purchase from local producers and processors; trial/measure increasing access to local food for vulnerable seniors across the region.

BX Ranchlands Community Engagement

To explore a partnership with KPU to undertake community engagement, to understand the potential use for that land.