Feb. 8, 2020 | Bridging Gaps: Exploring Local Food Access in the North Okanagan

Feb 8, 2020 – Splatsin Centre, Enderby BC

What does food access mean in our region? How might we work together to increase access to healthy local food for all?

Storytelling & Dialogue

Join us at the Bridging Gaps: Exploring local food access in the North Okanagan forum as we build our understanding of the complex issue of improving access to healthy local food in our region.

Even though we live in a region of diverse and productive foodlands, food access is impacted by a wide range of factors including: poverty, transportation, access to land for traditional hunting, fishing, and gathering, social isolation, and a lack of skills and knowledge.

Questions we will explore during this day of dialogue include:  What would make local food more convenient? How do we get more local fresh food in schools, institutions, and community programs? How do we address the fact that the cost of local food can be a barrier? What can we do about household food insecurity? How can access to traditional foods and knowledge be increased?

Join us for our third annual forum! The Splatsin will open our day with a welcome prayer and Salmon Dance. We will spend the day together sharing stories and knowledge, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and creating connections.

Come with an open mind and expect to:

  • Join in activities and discussion, share your experience and thoughts about local food access
  • Meet people connected to the food system, food action groups, community organizations, local governments, schools, health institutions, and more
  • Eat good local food
  • Generate bold ideas, based on your experiences of what successful food access can look like


If you’d like to learn more about our line up of speakers, please check out their bio’s here.

Looking back:

This is our third annual forum. The first forum focused on growing the local food economy, and the second focused on the environmental side of our regional food system, exploring three themes through the lens of climate change including: water, waste, and land use. Now we’re focusing on “Food Access” to explore the social, cultural, and economic issues that influence access to healthy local food in our region.

Our forums inspire ideas, transfer knowledge and spark action for positive change in our regional food system.

This is a free event because we do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone interested in attending. However, it would be greatly appreciated if you or your organization can support this work by providing a cash donation at the door (suggested $5 to $10). Thank you!