Update: Food Costing in BC 2022 report released

The Food Costing in BC 2022: Assessing the affordability of healthy eating report has been released. The report highlights the challenges of affording a nutritious diet for people and households who live on low incomes, especially for those who live on income and disability assistance. When incomes are low, households are especially sensitive to the rising costs of living (food, rent, etc.).

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control collaborates with the five regional health authorities and the Ministry of Health to oversee the monitoring of the cost and accessibility of a nutritious diet in BC. The purpose of the report is to highlight that inadequate incomes are the root cause of household food insecurity.

In May 2022, the average cost of a nutritious diet for a family of four in Interior BC was $1,264 per month which has increased $245 from the 2017 Food Costing Report.  It is expected to be even higher today.

The Land to Table Context

This report relates to Land to Table’s work because one of the key indicators for food security is the average monthly cost of a nutritious diet as a proportion of household income. Obtaining a nutritious diet is harder for some households than others due to many factors that are often out of an individual’s control, including food affordability. Food costing data can help determine the affordability of healthy eating for different populations. Food affordability information is valuable to help organization’s address and advocate for changes to make food more affordable and increase incomes to support our local food system producers and consumers. 

Together, let’s face the facts on household food insecurity. Here’s how you can spread the word and get engaged: